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Top 10 Reasons a Recumbent Trike is Great

Top 10 Reasons a Recumbent Trike is Great

So, why do we love recumbent trikes, let us count the 10 ten:

Number Reason

Easy way to be healthier.

How many have heard the phrase over-and-over, health is "diet and exercise.."?

Being healthy causes many to shutter with thoughts of loneliness as they eat bland food between painful exercises and tears. Who wants to do that long term? Not me!

The trike life makes healthy easy. It makes exercise fun, comfortable and easy to find friends who enjoy the lifestyle. Studies have proven time again that a support buddy or community of friends is the what most need to turn a healthy habit into a lifestyle.

As for diet, we'll leave the rice cakes and tofu alone, thank you. We'd rather eat non-processed foods like beans, greens, protein and real butter.


Fun. You will smile the first minute you start pedaling.

3 Comfort. By reclining in a relaxed position, weight is taken off your spine and the plush full seat cradles you in comfort.
4 No more sitting on the ground. Wherever you happen to stop, you have a seat. No longer do you have to sit on the wet or dirty ground. Don't want to carry a lawn chair to the next music festival? Just ride your trike and have the best seat at the show.
5 Safer than a normal bicycle - drivers don't know what you are so they leave a huge gap when passing on a road.
6 Stable. No need to worry about balance. By adding a third wheel, a trike is extremely stable. You can shoot a camera while pedaling. Try that on a normal bicycle.
7 Better than a gym membership. Buy a trike, exercise anywhere and anytime you like. Change your mind, sell it and get your money back. Good luck trying to resell a gym membership. You'd have better luck reselling a timeshare.
8 Electric assist options available so hills are no longer feared.
9 Uncluttered view of the world around you. When you ride a mountain or road bike, most of your time is spent starring at the ground. Think of all the majesty and wonder you are missing. Riding a recumbent trike is like going from a small TV to an IMAX screen.
10 All body types can trike. Numerous options for adaptive cycling so folks with specific physical needs can join in the fun. There are hand trikes for folks in wheelchairs. The are trikes for people who only have control in one hand.
11 People magnet. Instant party wherever you go. People flock to a trike. So don't ride one if you don't like making new friends. I'm just checking to see if anyone was counting. this makes 11, not 10.


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