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Tips to Get Baby Boomers Riding Again

Tips to Get Baby Boomers Riding Again

Baby Boomers can have fun, improve their healtht, and form new friendships as their explore our great nation on a bicycle. Getting back on a normal bicycle seat can be painful for many. A healthy habit can be easier to start...and maintain...if it is comfortable and easy for anyone regardless of physical condition. Therefore, a recumbent bike or trike (a three wheeled bicycle) with electric assistance is the the best way to get moving...again.

Here are five helpful tips to get cycling

1. Choose to Ride

Many of us read blog articles and videos online. The only way that you can experience a better life is to choose to actively pursue it.

Few if any other activities have so many positive benefits as riding


Remember whizzing around your neighborhood on your bike as a kid. Many of us didn't return home until we were hungry or the sun went down. Ride a recumbent trike and do your best to NOT smile. We haven't met a person yet, who has been able to do it and not be grinning ear-to-ear. Riding an e-trike or electric assist trike is even more fun!

Healthier You

Riding a trike will help burn pounds away and fight off Type 2 diabetes, improve cardiovascular health with low-impact, comfortable movement, boost memory and concentration.


Bicycling is a social activity...but recumbent cycling is like an extended family wherever you go. Recumbent bike and trike riders will invite you to their house for dinner.

2. Get the Right Trike

Riding a recumbent trike, especially one with electric assistance, is a joy that can only be appreciated in person. The perfect trike should be easy to learn, cradle your aches-and-pains in comfort, provide freedom to ride towards a healthier you.

Many of the benefit of a trike can be missed, if you buy a trike based on price or other factor...rather than based on your needs. As the trike experts, we have the experience and knowledge to tailor solutions to solve your needs.

3. Find a Riding Buddy

Like any new hobby, it can be hard to find someone to share your interest with you. This ain't a problem on a trike! If you can't find a buddy, give us a call and we'll take you on a ride. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and join us on our regular, group rides.

In the old fable of the tortoise and the hair, both the tortoise and the hair started at the same time; however, they didn't finish that way.  Often when we start exercising, our exercise buddy may start with us but have a fast pace. This causes a hurry-up and wait for them and a stressful, hurry up and no-wait for the new person.  While a positive person does their best to make the experience pleasurable, it is difficult for the person starting out.

An electric trike makes keeping pace with your Speedy Gonzolez of a riding buddy so much easier! An electric assistance trike lets anyone keep pace with the fastest of cyclist.

4. Find a Good Place to Ride

What makes a good place to ride? Good places to ride are ones with minimal car traffic, smooth road surfaces and regularly spaced places to sight see and grab a drink and bite to eat. We recommend everyone visit the Withlacoochie Trail in Floral City. Its the trike capital of the world!

Great places for riding can be found at Rails to Trails also.

5. Track Your Ride

Consider using a smartphone app to track your rides. Its not important to focus on who's the fastest; but, rather to motivate you to explore new routes and track your progress as you gain strength and endurance. Be sure to bring an extra battery pack for your smartphone on a long ride since the GPS activity will quickly train your battery.


Greg - 01 Apr 2020 @ 01:30
Officially, as it's a state park it is closed. However it is still quite busy

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