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TerraCycle Adjustomatic Bottle Mount for Two ACM239.1

Use a single bottle cage mount on a trike frame for two water bottles
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Article number: ACM239
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If you are part fish or live in the South, you drink a lot of water. When you are THIRSTY you want your drink now. Typically, a trike will only have at most, one, bottle cage for your bottle in the front. So, if that's empty, then you attempt to pedal forward, twist your body into a pretzel and hunt for your other bottle.
How well didn't that work? So, you come to your sense, stop your ride, get off your trike and search through various bags until you find something to wet your whistle.
What if you could keep two, bottle up-front so they are there when you need them?
This product may seem expensive but the convenience of having everything in comfortable reach is golden. You ride a trike for comfort so why would you not want the same comfort for your hydration?

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